Friday, 27 February 2015

I Feel Fine - Roll back the years bopping about today

There is no quicker way to put joy in your heart than listening to your favourite music.
A friend and I were talking about the music from our teenage years. She said the moment she puts on a David Bowie cd she feels sixteen again. Rod Stewart does it for me. When 'Mamma Mia' came out we embraced it enthusiastically not so much because we liked Abba but because it took us back to our youth, it was actually quite uncool to admit to liking Abba once. So just for fun I've written a poem about the music from my youth. I hope you like it and it inspires you to write one too.

Angie's Teenage music.

When I was ten I had a wonderful time
Dancing to The Beatles, 'I feel fine'
The Rolling Stones, 'As tears go by'
Was my favourite lullabye.

Doing the twist I felt so alive
Falling in love with 'The Dave Clark Five,'
One moment I was playing with toys
Then my dad was shouting 'What's that noise?'.

One moment I was climbing trees
Scuffing my shoes, grazing my knees,
Then I was trying to decide
Between the boys of Merseyside.

Waking up to Radio One
Ready for school in the morning sun
Tamla Motown made me bop
Around my bedroom I would hop.

The Rolling Stones made me feel funny
Gave me butterflies in my tummy.
When I went to see Elaine
We played the Beach Boys again and again.

Rod Stewart always made me dream
My brother raved about The Cream
Led Zeppelin belted from his room
Leonard Cohen made him swoon

Jimi Hendrix was his favourite
All his albums were a hit
I liked The Monkees, he did not
Saying scornfully 'Oh what rot.'

Suzi Quatro drove us wild
I became a flower child
One day we went to see 'The Herd'
Screaming loudly, quite absurd.

Traffic, Neil Young and Donovan
James Taylor, Sting, Van Morrison
Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and The Who
Bread, Deep Purple, The Hollies too.

Now I could go on and on
Even mention Elton John
When all this music fills my ears
It surely does roll back the years.

Angie B

Oldies but goldies

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