Sunday, 15 February 2015

Poem for the day for Carnevale

It's carnival time in Italy. Many people will be going to Venice to admire all the wonderful costumes. In towns all over Italy it is traditional to throw paper confetti and streamers, blow trumpets and generally let off steam in the street party atmosphere. Children love dressing up all year round not just at carnival time and a dressing up brings hours of fun. A bit of imagination and a few props and children can sail the high seas as pirates, rescue damsels in distress, slay dragons, fly to the moon, explore the jungle, all from the comfort of their own home.

Today we had a party
All in fancy dress
Everyone's identity
Was very hard to guess
The first one to arrive
Was a little Snow white
Following right behind her
Was a very gallant knight
Then Princess Annalisa
And a cheerful Mexican
Running round in circles
With a lovely Spiderman
Then a handsome pirate
With a very pretty wife
A Scotsman with a kilt
With a shiny plastic knife
A Professor with a moustache
A dragon green and gold
An emperor from China
Looking oh so bold
Then a pretty lady
who'd overslept in bed
So instead of her new costume
Wore her dressing gown instead
Then arrived a ballerina
In a very short skirt
With a helpful French maid
To clean away the dirt
A very sultry creature
In silver pinks and blues
Graceful and delightful
With pretty golden shoes
Everyone was happy
No chance of getting bored
Especially with Zorro
And his flashing crashing sword.

Angie B

Ready to party

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