Friday, 13 February 2015

Lucky for some

Today is Friday the thirteenth. Many people recoil in horror when this date is mentioned, in England anyway. Italians are less fazed by it, being much more wary of Friday the seventeeth. Whenever I ask the reasons for this no one seems to know, whereas I have my answer ready for the origins of Friday the thirteenth, mumbling something about the Last Supper. As it's Valentine's day tomorrow I'm feeling excited. I always have found Valentine's day exciting. It's the feeling of being in love, lots of people being in love and being made aware of it, even those who are cynical and refuse to take part in the commercial side. Well I can tell you there are few more erotic sights than a man handing you a bunch of flowers or a single rose and whispering those magic words. I've gone off the track now because I was going to write about Friday the thirteenth and superstitions.

So here's my poem for the day :)

If you meet a ladder on your way
Don't walk under
Just go round it
This will save you from  a plight
A bucket falling from a height

If a black cat comes your way
When in England
Shout hurray
In Italy  proceed with care
You might find some danger there

If you put on your pyjamas
Inside out
And see they're wrong
Don't take them off and change your fate
Leave them on to compensate

All these funny things we do
From dawn till dusk
To bring us luck
Just keep hoping for the good
Cross your fingers and knock on wood.

Angie B

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