Friday, 30 January 2015

Rocky roads that turn to rubble

Here is a recipe from my series of 'Recipes gone wrong'.
 I had been longing to make this recipe ever since I had some Rocky road ice cream at the cinema.
 It is full of sweets and chocolate and biscuits and so I was waiting for an occasion when there would be lots of people to share it.
I was asked to make something for a party so zipped off to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients.
 I even found the Oreo biscuits.
 These reminded me of New England where they have Oreo cows.
They are black with a White stripe round their middle, just like oreo biscuits.
I couldn't find Golden Syrup though but thought I could put in some honey.
At the checkout queue of the supermarket I felt abit embarrassed having a trolley full of such unhealthy things and quickly threw a bag of oranges on top to try and hide it all.

This afternoon I was happily making the Rocky road biscuits, melting chocolate and butter and chopping up marshmallows when my son-in-law came in. He was horrified.
Anyway the result was a complete failure. I won't be taking them to the party,
 I'll buy flowers instead.

In case you want to try to make the biscuits,  here is the recipe.
It basically involves melting butter and chocolate, crushing biscuits and mixing them together with whatever sweets you have in the house.

Rocky Road biscuits.

200g biscuits, Rich tea, Oreos or Digestives
130g melted butter
3 tbsps Golden syrup
200g chocolate
100g marshmallows
10g glacé cherries

Baking tray lined with baking paper
melted white chocolate to decorate
icing sugar

Crush the biscuits and set aside.
Melt the butter, Golden syrup and chocolate in a saucepan
Mix together in a large bowl
Add the sweets and mix well
Press into the lined baking tray
Put in the fridge until hard
Decorate with melted white chocolate and icing sugar.

Listen to Rocky Road to Dublin while you are making the biscuits
Make sure there are lots of people to share them with.

Gone wrong, more like rubble than a rocky road

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