Sunday, 4 January 2015

In Praise of Brave Men

My four year old grandson loves rescuing people. He can spend all afternoon making siren noises and relaying messages from various corners of the sitting room. Cats up trees, cows on boats, dogs stuck in lifts, he has the answer to every situation. A few days ago he started rescuing people from ships. 

We have seen a lot of brave men on the news this week, rescuing people in frightening weather conditions, bringing calm and order to terrifying situations and saving lives. A pilot made a spectacular emergency landing without any wherls and when praised, dismissively said that he had just done his job, any other pilot would have done the same. How many times have you heard brave men or women of course brush aside thanks and praise by saying they were just doing their job? 
You can get such comfort from a strong male hand that comes to your aid, whether to help you onto a boat or haul you up to a helicopter.  One of my favourite moments in the Hitchcock film, 'North by North West' is when The two man charcters are trying to escape by climbing down Mount Rushmore. She slips and he holds out his hand to pull her up. Then such is the mastery of Hitchcock the scene changes to her  being pulled up onto a bed in a train. Here it is.


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