Thursday, 22 January 2015

Il Profumo della Felicità, The scent of happiness

Il Profumo della Felicità  The scent of Happiness

I bought myself some perfume
I chose it for its name
And as I sprayed it on me
It surely met its claim
To make me feel brighter
And ready for the day
To be full of good humour
With whoever comes my way
It's a very wise decision
The best you'll ever make
Be very kind and friendly
As soon as you're awake
Perfume's very personal
And lots of it's too strong
Choosing one called 'Happiness'
You really can't go wrong.
So I hope that everybody
Who comes near me today
Feels better for a moment
And I brighten up their day.

Angie B

Happiness in a bottle

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