Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Golden sunsets

There's a rainbow arching across the sky
As lights come on in the darkening town
The horizon bright delights  the eye
Watching as the sun goes down
Drawn to the colours that sparkle and glow
A plane appears as a silver bird
Flying high, some way to go
Showers of silver in its wake
A golden thread amidst the hues
The sunset has a promise to make
That all the lovely pinks and blues
Gold and silver shining bright
Will wave to us like a magic wand
Keep us safe in our homes tonight

I took these photos while I was watching the sunset this evening. My camera doesn't do it justice. The sky towards the west filled with vibrant colour, a sharp contrats with the Winter sky. If you look out of the window at the sunset and then back into your room through the reflection in the glass, it looks small compared to the vastness of the sky, the lamp that you have switched on will give a pool of light, you might be waiting for someone to come home or coming home yourself, whatever, most people will be going home and this is a poem for them. Happy homecoming this evening and may your hearts have been gladdened by a beautiful sunset.

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