Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Coastal Road


The Coastal Road

The road winds round the cliffs
Hugging them to its'side
Like a ribbon in the breeze
Oh what a lovely ride.

I will never ever tire
Of the wondrous sight
The brilliance of the daytime
The beauty of the night.

For as the sun goes gently down
The blue of the sea turns grey,
The sky is painted pink and gold
A perfect end to the day.

Lights come on along the shore
Showing you the way
Calling you to stop awhile
In a little bay.

The little beach bar comes to life
The waiter brings some wine
Tells you he has caught some fish
And would you care to dine?

Stars appear and light the sky
The waves splash on the shore
All my senses on red alert
I could not ask for more.

I store these feelings in my heart
With love to you and me
Join me now and raise your glass
To the magic of the sea.

There's the rhythm of the waves
The scent of the salted spray
The feel of the sand between your toes
The warmth of the end of day.


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