Monday, 7 September 2015

Oh Happy Day

Happy Monday to all my lovely readers of my blog!
It's Monday and it's September so we should all be full of energy, batteries re- charged after the weekend and Summer holidays. Children everywhere will be getting ready for the new school year.
Energy is everywhere, all the time:) Cosmic energy, physical energy, energy of the senses and the mind.
Make your energy happy energy. Think nice thoughts, do kind actions,spread goodwill.
Harness your happy energy, use it well and be glad glad glad.

Today I had some happy news
I'm full of joy galore
Now every time I think of it
My heart swells even more.

Oh there is no limit
To the love that here can dwell
The happy human heart
Is an unfathomable well.

Oh I got such happy news
It fills my heart with glee
It is surely just the best news
That ever there could be.

Let the sunshine in today
Light up every part
Leave no corner in the dark
May gladness fill your heart.

Feel your heart begin to beat
To the rhythm of a song
A caring one, a loving one
To last the whole day long.

A poem from my series' Poems I could have written at Primary School.'

Suggested songs to put a happy beat in your heart:)
Oh Happy Day
It's my happy heart you here'
If you're happy and you know it'
I was born with a smile on my face
Glad that I live am I

Waka Waka

All suggestions welcome!
Have a great week

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