Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Getting To Know You - The First Day of School

Children are busy getting ready for their first day of school. For many it really will be the first day of school. It's a very emotional moment for parent's and children alike. My post today is dedicated to all the children off to school and to their teachers.
The song from the 1956 film 'The King and I', called 'Getting to know you' is a teacher singing to her young charges. She wants to get to know them and she hopes they will like her. Any teacher must know that feeling when you look at all the little faces before you, trusting you and expecting you to look after them and teach them things, it makes your heart swell and you hope so much that you won't let them down.

Some quick tips for teachers that are useful for us all,

Be enthusiastic,
Be fair
Show kindness
Don't take sides
Make sure that at the end of the day everyone feels good about themselves.

Have a good school year everyone.

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