Monday, 21 September 2015

Love at First Sight

The Còte d'azur

The first time that I saw you
I couldn't believe my eyes
A magic giant paintbrush
Had swept across the skies
Drops of silver sparkles
And shiny golden rays
Of sunshine and of moonshine
Danced upon your waves.

The sky above a gentle glance
Bestowed upon your charms
Spotlights on the sail boats
Finding solace in your arms,
The turquoise and the indigo
Curled around the shore
Caressing every sandy beach
Cliffs and coves galore.

Flip flops on my English feet
I trip and graze my knees
Then shuffle down and wet my toes
My hair lifts in the breeze,
I close my eyes to hear the sound
Of your song so sweet and pure
It stirs my soul and fills my heart
The sea of the Còte d'Azur.

By Angie B Poems from when I was ten

Turquoise sea and soft sand

Plumbago and Bougainvillea flourish in the Mediterranean sun

Sunset at Juan Les pins

Lights come on at twilight and add magic to the scene

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