Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dance your cares away

My mother was what is known in a politically correct way as mobility challenged.  She spent a lot of time in a wheelchair. She lived to the perfectly respectable age of eight-nine so my head always says I was lucky to have her that long. The heart doesn't ever quite catch up though does it?

 Whenever I hear a piece of music that makes me want to dance I think of her, which is often.
 She loved all kinds of music. Her main passion was classical music and she could guess the composer after just a few notes. She also loved pop music and was an avid fan of 'Top of the Pops' 'Strictly Come dancing' anything really that featured music and dancing.
She 'd look at me and my daughter and say 'Does this make your feet tap?' and off we'd go twirling and spinning holding her hand so she was part of it.

Dancing is such an important part of a culture. It's such a great way to express so much, feelings, relationships, traditions.
Latin-American dancing is extremely popular everywhere now and often cited as a great activity for a couple to inject new vigour into their relationship. This song by Enrique Iglesias seems so joyful and happy, it should make your feet tap and hopefully spin away your cares today.

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