Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Childhood flavours with a grown up twist

While at the supermarket today I saw a mound of white field mushrooms.
This is quite an unusual sight in Italy and I felt a tug at my heart because they brought back a vivid memory of me skipping along beside my mother wearing a voluminous fifties style skirt with red roses round the bottom.

 It was early morning and there was a mist hanging over the field at the back of our house.  I was probably looking out for fairies that had danced until dawn and little folk going home having woven magic all night long protecting children like me.
My mum was saying we were going mushrooming before the morning dew came up and before the insects could eat the mushrooms that we were looking for. We went back home with a basket of the highly prized mushrooms and she got out her heavy frying pan and cooked them in sizzling hot butter.

 At least that's what I remember, you never know with memories how much is wishful thinking and how much is the jigsaw puzzle of your mind putting things together how you'd like it to be.

In Italy field mushrooms and champignon are not considered great delicacies, just an addition to a sauce to liven up chicken breasts or pasta and cream. Here Funghi Porcini are what everyone wants and you have to have a permit to pick them in the woods.

The mushrooms I saw today made me yearn for a taste of home and childhood so I bought some. Instead of serving them on toast which is one of my favourite ways to eat them I made polenta and topped them with grated cheese.

A lovely supper for me bringing together tastes that I love and appealing to my husband as well.

Red wine goes well with Polenta and mushrooms

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