Saturday, 23 May 2015

You don't need a 4 leafed clover....

I get dry lips. Not unusual I suppose but I often have a battle with my lipgloss, lipsticks and balms. Too much lip gloss and a gust of wind and my hair is stuck to my mouth. when I'm all ready to go out and freshly made up my husband will often lean in for a kiss and is still astonished when I reel back saying 'No I'm all made up', it's the no make up look but it's there.
With lipsticks you're often not sure what they're made of and might worry about all the chemicals creeping into your blood stream via your mouth so I was delighted to find a lip gloss called  Kiss Me. I asked the assistant what she thought. We both agreed that an invitation to kiss someone wearing it must mean it's safe to lick.
When I got it home and unwrapped it I found myself humming this Cliff Richard song. When I was about six years old  I took comfort from the words of this song as I pranced around the living room to its happy beat.

You may not be good looking
You may not be too rich
But you'll never ever be alone
Cos you've got lucky lips.

What a promise, what a joy! That's what I wanted from then on, lucky lips.
So thanks Cliff for giving me something to cling to.

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