Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

March is a special month, it leads to Spring. At the beginning of the month we can still feel winter lingering in the air but by the end Spring has taken over and we know we are out of the tunnel that is Winter.

Don't get me wrong, I love Winter. Hot chocolate, log fires, mulled wine, snow flakes, frosty mornings, wearing boots, frozen ponds the list goes on. It's just that after awhile that's enough.

 Like going through a tunnel. as a child I loved going through tunnels so much that on the way back from London my dad would make a detour to go through the tunnel that leads to Heathrow airport.
It was wonderful, we would get all excited about going through the tunnel, come out the other end then turn round and go back. I loved it.

A tunnel serves a great purpose, it gets you somewhere quicker and safer. It doesn't expose you to dangers, like steep mountains or runways! It can take you to the other side of a mountain instead of climbing over lots of passes,or along the coast so you don't have to detour a long way. Just like Winter. The earth needs a rest, so in November we enter the tunnel and then at the beginning of March we can see the light at the end. The midday sun is warmer, the birds sing in the early evening light, the mornings are brighter and there are flowers everywhere.

Life can be like that sometimes too. you can go through a dark patch, a cloud over your head, you might be frightened by challenges thrown your way, hurt by people you thought cared about you, undecided about career paths, worried about your situation, but then when you least expect it you will see a chink of light in front of you and as you move towards it you will feel hope in your heart again and when you are out in the open you might just see that the tunnel was there to protect you.


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