Wednesday, 16 March 2016

In a Garden full of Blossom, poem for the day

Many trees are still bare and stark against the sky but blossom is everywhere now. The marvel of spring time is that it never ceases to amaze and delight, year after year. Just a breath of blossom and memories of past Springs will come flooding back.

My poem for the day is about a garden of memories  inspired by a garden full of blossom.

Garden of Memory

I know a beautiful garden
That blossoms for you and for me,
Where the loveliest flowers
Are love's golden hours,
It's the garden of sweet memory,
Each wonderful hour
Is a beautiful flower
That only two lovers can share,
Each lingering kiss,
Every moment of bliss
Is a blossom that we planted there;
There's a garden I know
Where the flowers that grow
Only blossom for you and for me,
Every joy that we share
Will be blossoming there,
In the Garden of Sweet Memory.
Princess Magnolia

Princess Peach

Princess Magnolia and Princess Cherry

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