Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Hold out an Olive Branch for Peace

Olive branches have been a symbol for peace since the Romans. They saw war and peace as closely linked. Mars, the god of war was also known as Mars the pacifier.

Virgil the Roman poet used the olive branch as a symbol of peace in Aenied.

High on the stern Aeneas his stand
And held a branch of olive in his hand,
While thus he spoke 'The Phyrygians' arms you see
Expelled from Troy, provoked in Italy
By Latian foes, with war unjustly made
At first affianced, and at last betrayed.
This message bear the Trojans and their chief
Bring holy peace, and beg the king's relief.

We all need an olive branch at some time or other, to offer one or be offered one. How healing are the words ' I'm sorry' when someone has hurt you?  How good it feels to be given another chance or for someone to mend your wounds.

Today I found some pasta shaped like olive leaves and coloured green with spinach.
I added green beans and chopped potato Ligurian style and added grated cheese. the result was a very peaceful looking dish, I hope you like it too.

Olive Branch Pasta Ligurian style.

200g green beans, washed and chopped
1 potato peeled and cubed
200g spinach flavoured pasta
grated cheese

Boil a large saucepan of water.
Add 1 tbsp. salt.
Add the chopped potato and green beans and cook for about 5 minutes.
Add the pasta and cook until the pasta is al dente.
Drain into a colander and then return to the saucepan.
Add a knob of butter and some grated cheese and stir gently.

If liked you can add a teaspoon of pesto and mix gently.

Pace, Pax, Paix, Peace

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