Wednesday, 18 November 2015

One Perfect Rose ,Poem for the day

In the language of flowers the rose is the one that represents love. To be given a red rose is a sure sign that someone is interested in you. What can be more romantic than that ?
Dorothy Parker  (1893 - 1967) didn't seem to e so impressed by being given a single rose though in her poem.

One Perfect Rose

A single flow'r he sent me, since we met.
All tenderly his messenger he chose;
Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet,
One perfect rose.

I knew the language of the flowers;
'My fragile leaves,' it said, 'his heart enclose.'
Love long has taken for his amulet.
One perfect rose.

Why is it no one ever sent me yet
One perfect limousine do you suppose?
Ah no, it's always just my luck to get
One perfect rose.

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