Friday, 13 November 2015

Feeling at one with Nature on an Inspirational Autumn day

Like Spring, Autumn days are alive with vibrant colour. In Spring the blossom gives the promise of the wonderful fruits to follow, apples, cherries, peaches and apricots. In Autumn the fruit is there among the leaves that are gradually changing colour, apples, grapes, berries.

What joy it was as a child to go on a Nature walk from Primary school into the nearby wood on an Autumn day. There we would find hidden treasures to be carefully collected, taken back to school and displayed on a table, rose hips, conkers, chestnuts, hazelnuts and leaves with stunning colours.

Being close to nature is good for us, and we must make time to smell the leaves, admire the colours of the trees, walk in woods, along beaches, up hills. Then we feel the intensity and aliveness of nature. Fill your lungs with clean air, feast you eyes on  rich foliage, stunning panoramas from the top of a hill, feel the leaves scrunch under your feet, bite into crunchy apples, pick berries with jewel like colours, store away walnuts and hazelnuts, whatever you can find.

Here are my photos from an inspirational Autumn day, hope you enjoy them.

The hills are alive ... a beautiful view from The Ridgeway

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