Monday, 9 November 2015

Greetings and Farewells

You know that feeling you get when you're about to see someone you care about? A well of happiness fizzes up inside you and you want to jump up and down, then when you catch sight of them and run towards them and wrap them up in a big hug. Of course not everyone makes you feel like that and you might not have the confidence to show such physical affection to some people you care about. Small children have no such qualms, they just run towards you with their arms outstretched and wrap their arms around you and squeeze. What a wonderful sensation that is, one of the best in the world surely, to be hugged by a child.
There are lots of social conventions about greetings: -shaking hands and kissing, then should you kiss both cheeks or just one and then should you kiss the air or the actual cheek and which side should you go for first?
With family and friends the best sort of displays of affection are the spontaneous sort for me. That moment when someone's face lights up when they see you and then the hugging can begin.
Greetings are usually nicer than farewells, no doubt about it. Farewells have there own rules too. Some people put a lot of importance on tooting and waving when they go off in their car, others do not give even a backward glance.

The way people greet you or wave you off says a lot about their feelings for you. Who wants a cool hello and then an enthusiastic goodbye?
Hello, goodbye, we say them all the time.

Make your greetings warm and always part on good terms.

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