Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun

An early flowering plumbago

A city garden

This is one of the most lovely songs to listen to on a day like this.
Looking through a bridge to a garden below

 On a city walk today there were lots of signs of Spring.
 Everyone has cast aside their Winter jackets and coats. Everyone was walking with a smile on their face and a bounce in their stride. All the while joyous bird song is the soundtrack of the day.
  Groups of school children on day trips chatted and laughed and took selfies galore. the ice cream shops were wide open for business.
 Glasses of spritz, beer, sparkling water all gleamed in the sun, their bubbles rising continuously to greet the warm Spring air.

Here is my poem for this lovely Spring day by the Scottish poet R.Tannahill (1774 - 1810) also known as The Weaver poet.

Gloomy winter's now awa'
Soft the westlin breezes blow,
'Mang the birks a' Stanley shaw
The mavis sings fa'cheerie, O,

Towring der the Newton woods,
Lav'rocks fan the snow white clouds,
Siller saughs wi' downy buds
Adorn the banks sae briery, O.

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