Thursday, 19 March 2015

Standing in a field of chocolate

The countryside is humming with the noise of tractors.  They are ploughing the fields to prepare them for the crops. The rich earth that comes to the surface after a field has been ploughed is a wonderful sight, it looks healthy and hopeful.
It took men awhile to realize they couldn't keep on planting seeds and expect the earth to carry on yielding bountiful crops, think of The Dust Bowl in America. Even think of the plants in your garden or in pots on your balcony how you need to keep on turning over the earth, adding fertilizer, adding more earth.
Whenever I see a freshly ploughed field I feel the richness of the soil, how we are part of this cycle, how it needs to be looked after.
Standing next to a field today and looking at the dark brown soil that had been churned up and turned over, it could have been a field of chocolate, what a pity we couldn't survive on that.
Field of chocolate?

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