Monday, 30 March 2015

Shops that specialize

Many of us are all so used to doing our shopping in big supermarkets and shopping centres. All  of our shopping is often done under one roof. It is more and more difficult to find a parade of shops each one specializing in different products so when you find them they hold a certain fascination.
 When I was a child a long time ago there was a parade of shops at the end of our road: a newsagent, a barber shop, a greengrocer, a grocer, a baker and a butcher.
On Saturday mornings from the age of eight or nine I would be given a shopping list and go along on my own to do the shopping. It wasn't a long list, just a few items needed for the weekend because the shops were always closed on Sunday. I usually had to buy a pound of bacon, some Cheddar cheese, marmalade, a loaf of bread, tomatoes, a tin of salmon. The shopkeepers and I knew each other by name. There'd always be someone to walk home with, a neighbour or one of my aunts. Sometimes I was allowed to keep the change and put it in my money box.

Today I saw some lovely shops all specializing in something or other, a Sardine shop, a bread shop, a souvenir shop, a chocolate shop and a clothes shop decked out in Spring colours.

This rhyme helps children learn to count, each verse has one less currant bun until there are none left in the Baker's shop.

Five currant buns in a Baker's shop
Round and fat with sugar on the top
Along came a boy with a penny one day
Bought a currant bun and took it away.

I hope you like my photos of the shops I saw today.

Sardine shop

Bread shop

Chocolate shop

Clothes in Spring colours

Souvenir shop

Chocolate shop

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