Thursday, 5 March 2015

A poem for March

March used to be the first month of the year until 1752. Scotland changed the first month to January in 1599. March was called Martius by the Romans, from the god Mars, and it received the name 'Hlyd Monath' which means loud and stormy month from the Anglo-Saxons.

Here are some days to look forward to in March

1 March - St David's day
8 March - women's day
17 March - St.Patrick's day
19 March- Italian fathers' day, St.Joseph's day
25 March- Lady day

Last night we had a terrific storm with thunder and lightening galore. Streaks of lightening zig zagged across the sky and the rain slashed the windows. It was quite exciting watching from indoors and this morning the sky was crystal clear. Snow capped mountains in the background and the first signs of Spring around the lake. I was delighted to find some pussy willow but it was too advanced to be picked and taken indoors. I did that once and it burst all over the room.

Here is a lovely poem about March by the American poet William Cullen Bryant (1794 - 1878)

The stormy March is come at last
with wind, and cloud, and changing skies,
I hear the rushing of the blast
That through the snowy valley flies,

Ah! passing few are they who speak
Wild stormy month in praise of thee,
Yet though thy winds are loud and bleak
Thou art a welcome month to me.

For thou, to northern lands again
The glad and glorious sun dost bring
And thou hast joined the gentle train,
And wear's the gentle name of Spring.

And in thy reign of blast and storm
Smiles many a long, bright summer day
When the changed winds are soft and warm
And heaven puts on the blue of May.

Clear sky after the storm last night

Pussy willow making an appearance

Snow capped mountains in the distance

The countryside still looks quite bare but just wait a week or two, it's going to be an amazing Spring

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