Saturday, 27 February 2016

It's Only Love

The other day I read an article in a magazine that asked you to reflect on your top five values in life. I straight away asked my oh (recently picked this up, it stands for other half), without hesitation he replied, ' You only need one, it's love'.
Yes well, centuries of songs and poems and books have told us that, the Beatles summed it up for us 'All you need is love.'

Bertrand Russell describes love as a condition of absolute value as opposed to relative value. Love as a value is not only romantic love, it covers everything with everybody, from friends and family to complete strangers. It covers honesty, loyalty, fairness, justice, bravery, mercy.
It's love that keeps us together, from couples to families to society.
But where does it come from and what is it and how can people learn to love if they
It's love that makes someone give you an anti stress colouring book full of hearts

It's love that makes someone give you a heart to keep away the evil eye

It's love that makes a special cake for a special little girl

It's love that makes a rose bloom in winter

It's love that welcomes you to a friend's house

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  1. Love is behind everything of value that we do, so I think your OH is right, Angela :)