Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Funny Ways to remember things

The fine weather means that the lake near my home is no longer frozen and the swans and ducks look delighted to be able to splash around again. the wind is making the water ripple and life is returning to the countryside. Walking round the lake with a friend I saw a black and white duck, she knows the names of all the wildlife and confidently replied that it was a coot. then she told me a way to remember which is a moor hen and which is a coot.

A coot has a white stripe and 'coot 'and 'white' have a 't'.
A moor hen has a red stripe and 'moor hen' and 'red' have an 'r'.

Funny isn't it the tricks we use to remember bits of information?

The great lakes, Some Men Have Even Jumped Over
Superior, Michigan, Heron, Eerie, J for the Niagara Falls and Ontario.

Henry VIII wives, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.

The word 'independent' in English and 'indipendente' in Italian, e in the English word, I in the Italian one.
The other way round here:_
confirm - English
confermare - Italian

Putting the clocks back/ Forward
Spring forward, fall back

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