Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Who'd like a Nice Cup of Herbal Tea?

It's funny how in Britain we often ask 'Who'd like a nice cup of tea?', not just a cup of tea, a nice cup of tea, because a cup of tea to be nice has to meet certain requirements;
not too dark, not too pale, not too hot and not too cold. When it is just perfect then it is ' a nice cup of tea', otherwise it is just a cup of tea. If the cup of tea isn't up to scratch the someone might describe it ' as wet and warm' which means it isn't a nice cup of tea at all, but is better than nothing.

 We all have a favourite way of making tea. Some like the milk in first, some like a slice of lemon, some like three sugars and some like no sugar at all. It's always nice when someone remembers how you like your tea, it is a sign of caring.
Some people like tea in a mug and some insist on a porcelain cup.

It's the same with coffee.  In Italian coffee bars they like to joke that once people just asked for coffee and that was that. Now you can have cappuccino, caffè macchiato, caffè ristretto, caffè lungo, caffè macchiato caldo, macchiatone, caffè in tazza grande,
caffè decaffeinato, orzo, caffè latte and on and on.

For me, coffee belongs in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Health advisers say you can have up to three cups of coffee a day, so that's one at breakfast to wake you up, one after lunch to aid digestion and one extra in case you meet a friend who utters those welcoming words, ' Shall we have a coffee together.
Tea and coffee and hot chocolate are all a great excuse to sit down with a friend and have a catch up.

My cupboard contains quite a lot of very attractive packets of herbal teas with labels that promise a whole range of things, happiness tea, adventure tea, female tea, exotic tea, peppermint tea, fennel tea and at the back from last year, Christmas tea.

So here it is my new mug with last year's herbal tea.

One thing is sure you don't need to ask 'who would like a nice cup of herbal tea because not much can go wrong with it!!

A nice cup of herbal tea

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