Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thank You

Feeling I'm suspended
'Tween childhood and old age
My heart is near to breaking
As I turn each well worn page,

For there within your  special box
It's very plain to see
That my deep, eternal love for you
Is as great as yours for me.

So many cards and letters
In my childish hand
Saying that I love you
Best parents in the land.

So many cards and  letters
Inviting you to tea
And then as I grew older
To come and stay with me.

Mothers day and fathers day
Birthdays and Christmas too
Saying that you're special
And how much I love you.

Then as the years flew by
And I went so faraway
Letters kept us linked so strong
Each and every day.

With todays' technology
We would have had such fun
'When is good to ring you?'
'I'll be home at one!'

For with emails and messages
We are really spoilt for choice
But nothing ever will replace
The warmth in someone's voice.

Now as I fold your clothes away
The tears are falling fast.
So many precious memories
Come flooding from the past.

Thank you for my childhood
You loved me from the start
And now you're both forever
Together in my heart.

The stories that you told me
And all the songs you sung
The values that you fostered
I pray I will pass on.

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