Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Looking forward to having a laugh, The best medicine

Every day at half past seven in the evening throughout my childhood, there was always a half hour comedy programme on the television. Looking back it remains one of my most sunny happy memories. My mum and I would sit round the television and giggle away to such golden oldies as' Bewitched', Man about the House', Hancock's half hour, Steptoe and Son, Lucille Ball, Sid James and a whole load of shows that were guaranteed to raise a laugh.
My own children laughed away at 'Only Fools and Horses', Fawlty Towers, Men Behaving Badly and son on.
Once I realized that we were all stuck in a seventies time warp of comedy I started to ask the nice woman at Smiths if she could recommend comedy for my youngsters, so we moved on to 'The Inbetweeners', 'Extras', Fresh Meat and so on, there are so many to choose from and for all tastes.
Then of course there was 'Friends' in a class of its' own, we all laughed at every single episode, ten years of laughing, squashed together on the sofa, laughing together, thank you 'Friends'.
Sometimes you can be lucky to have a friend or family member that makes you laugh, just being with them, something about the way they put things can have you in fits of giggles. Small children can often be reduced to helpless bundles of giggles just from a mere quirky look or expression.
Sense of humour is a funny thing isn't it? Different things make different people laugh, but one thing is sure a laugh a day to look forward to goes a long way to lift any clouds of misery or greyness that have accumulated. So go on get some humour in your life, make time to watch a funny video or read a joke book or chat to that person that makes you laugh, then wait for that wonderful, sparkling, bubbly feeling of joy that fizzes and froths inside you, bringing joy to your days.

Joke for the day from the series oldies but goldies

A man driving along a country road sees a man parked at the side of the road looking in the bonnet of his car.

'Excuse me' he asks, would you like a hand?'

'Well  thank you but I'd rather have a tow (toe).'

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  1. Great post! Really enjoyed watching all those comedies together! By the way i'd just watched a bit of Fawlty Towers on the train before reading this; how funny! 😃