Saturday, 15 June 2019

Happy Fathers Day

It's fathers Day tomorrow and on Classic Fm there is a whole hour of music dedicated to Fathers. Indiana Jones and the Godfather theme have been played.  The word' father' conjures up so many images but the word 'Dad' just brings to mind one person, my dad.
He was a special dad, for my brother and me he was a hero from the start. He had a heart of gold, he was fun, he loved my mum and us and he made us laugh and he made us feel safe.

Listening to the music on Classic fm made me think that we probably all have pieces of music that remind us of our dads, that bring about a tidal wave of emotion and tears to our eyes.
One thing is certain for us all, you never get over losing your dad or mum. Why would you want to? Losing them is part of the painful mosaic of life.
Oh how I wish that I could say 'I'll go and see my dad today, or give him a call or write him a text.
This is dedicated to my dad and all dads, may they have a wonderful day knowing they are loved.


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