Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Dream in a Draw

Many people I know have what they refer to as a 'Bucket List', this comes from the English expression, 'To kick the bucket, ' and it's probably not to dwell on the origin of this expression, let's say it just means things you want to do before you can't do them any longer.
In Italian there is, unsurprisingly, a more romantic way of expressing the things you long to do and that is ' Un sogno nel cassetto.'  A dream in a draw.

Someone once said 'Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it', which reminds me of a bedtime story that made me giggle.
A  poor man had been sent by his wife to look for some food and while he was walking along the road he helps a fairy in difficulty (or something like that) and to thank him she grants him three wishes.

The man is so excited, and hungry, he immediately wished for a large sausage. He rushes back home to tell his wife and share the sausage.
Her reaction is not what he expected.

'You stupid man, you should have wish for gold, I wish that sausage was stuck on your nose.'
The sausage shot off the table and attached itself to the poor man's nose.
yes, you've guessed it, they had to use the third wish to get the sausage off his nose.

So, do people what you wish for

Whether you've got a dream in a draw or a bucket list though, do realize that the most important thing in our lives is our relationship with other people, to try to evaluate and improve yourself and every so often ask yourself these questions,
Do I love enough?
Do I laugh enough?
Do I make a difference?

Close yoour eyes and make a wish upon a star

A dream in a draw


  1. Cheers Angela! The story of the guys wishing for the sausage is pretty funny!...Another thing about the 3 wishes that comes up somewhere - I think it's Aladdin- is using up one wish for a million wishes..but I think it doesn't work...

  2. As always, a lovely post, Angela! I love the cautionary tale as well, and as for the dream in a draw, how beautiful is that?

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