Tuesday, 10 January 2017

First Steps

You know when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, he said something like, 'One small step for a man, one giant step for mankind'? There seems to be some doubt about the exact wording, but that was the gist.
Thinking about the surface of the moon and the surface of the Earth, I'm sure we'd all rather be on the Earth. Soft, sandy beaches, green spongy grass, sparkling cool streams, warm fluffy carpets, so many places to wriggle your toes and feel a connection with  the Earth's comforting pull.
Babies love their toes, wriggling them, putting them in their mouths, having them counted and kissed, oh those precious little feet, brand new and perfect, unused and unblemished. Then when babies take their first steps they are greeted with applause and ecstatic cries from all who witness them.
The baby has become a toddler.
Thinking about all those lovely toddlers the world over, about to start on their journey through life, may they find smooth terrain, calm waters, gentle slopes, kind companions, hands to hold, nice friends, welcoming places, shelter and strength.


  1. Life goes on, doesn't it Angela? In my more gloomy moments, I wonder why people have children now. It doesn't seem much of a world to leave them with, but optimism is everything and it's wonderful to see little ones grow. I love your imagery of the special textures we can enjoy with our toes. May they never forget such delights in their future steps through life!

  2. Ha, I've just seen I switched from 'they' to 'we' when it came to toe textures...just shows how much I too love wriggling my toes in grass, sand and fluffy carpets as well! Of course I meant to write that it is children who can enjoy them :)