Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Christmas Books

The reason I have a blog is because I love writing, it doesn't matter about the quality I can just ramble on and it doesn't matter what I write it just pores out. I love writing and I love reading, they go hand in hand in a way.
Those who like cooking usually like eating, those who like acting like the theatre and so on.
I love Christmas, so when I see a display of Christmas books I am tempted to read as many as I can during the Christmas holidays.
My books are divided into three categories,
Books I keep and never lend, they are part of me and I get pleasure just looking at them on the shelves.
Books I enjoyed reading but will probably never want to read again. I will try and think of someone who might also enjoy them and pass them on.
Books I didn't particularly enjoy and wouldn't recommend to anyone. These are taken to book shops who will give you something in exchange and then sell them on as second hand books.

Here is a quick review of my Christmas reading.

The Christmas Train by David Baldacci.
This is a story about a journalist going on a train journey across America at Christmas time. I really enjoyed thinking about the vastness of America, the diversity of it's states and the people that live there. a nice enough read for a cold day.

Silent Nights, Christmas Mysteries, edited by Martin Edwards
About fifteen short stories by different authors set in a Christmas atmosphere.
These were all written in good old fashioned English and short enough to read at bed time.

Mystery in White by J.Jefferson Farjeon (1883 - 1955)
Another story about a train and the snow. Another book that is a good enough read.

It's a Wonderful Life by Julia Williams
A contemporary story about modern family life in Britain. Perfect for Christmas when families and their ups and downs are in the spotlight.

Some advice that was given on a Creative writing course I did was that you don't want to waste the time of a perfect stranger by writing rubbish. I hope I'm not wasting your time, you who are reading this. Reading should be entertaining or informative or in someway enriching. So I do hope you find something rewarding in reading what I write. Thanks for reading anyway.
They will all be put away now until next year when I can lend them to friends wanting to get in the mood for Christmas.

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  1. Very inspiring post for a person who doesn't read much, no rubbish at all 😃 thank u! I'll take note of these titles!