Thursday, 3 November 2016

Whenever I feel afraid

Yesterday I woke up thinking about the difference between emotions and sentiments or feelings.
I asked a friend of mine how she would define it and we both agreed that emotions are more fleeting, something you feel for a brief time and need to be kept under control, whereas sentiments are long lasting and involve a relationship and need looking after and nurturing.
We talked the film 'Inside Out' and neither of us could remember the five emotions represented by the little people in the film. we got as far as Joy and Sadness, they were the main characters and at the end of the film you realize you can't have one without th other, then anger and jealousy. Then we both remembered Fear. That is the one that we always seem to hide, keep it to ourselves whereas the other four kind of get noticed by the people around you.
Being afraid of things is the right there from the start. Some babies cry desperately when you switch on the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, other babies think it's funny and dance and giggle as you push the hoover round the room.

As it's just been Halloween and there is a lot of Fear involved in that what with spirits, witches, bats and ghouls, I'll share a lovely little scene with you.
Lots of people don't know what to make of Halloween but for little children it seems to be an occasion for a bit of fun together and that can't be bad can it?
Anyway think of a dear little 3 year old girl, let's call her Katie, sitting watching 'Hotel Transylvania' with her little friend Becky. They are both clutching popcorn wrapped in cones printed with bats and witches and black cats. Becky gets a bit frightened so Katie puts her arm around her and draws her close, 'Don't be frightened Becky, I'm here for you'.
Isn't that just what we all want to hear all our lives? We all need a Katie!
I'm here for you, don't be afraid.

A long time ago when I was so much younger than today I had to walk along a lane to get home and in the Autumn and Winter months it was getting dark and deserted when I got there, so I took a breath and ran like the wind with this song in my head from the musical 'The king and I', not out loud of course because that would have been frightening seeing as I 'm tone deaf!!

I hope this post cheers you up, gives you strength and take care.

Things look different in the morning

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