Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Looking for the light

At this time of year we are made aware of light in different ways to the summer months.
Halloween lanterns, fireworks, the moon in the afternoon, the bright starlit sky, the golden sunsets. They are all welcome sights through the winter.
We need the light, if you don't get enough you might get SAD, especially if you live in Scandinavia.
The dark evenings and short days mean we light our houses from the minute we get home from school or work. We can have dimmer switches, pools of light, firelight, all sorts of ways to create a warm and luminous atmosphere.

Artists are particularly aware of light, Van Gogh loved the light in the South of France, he captured it on canvas.

Looking up in the early evening sky you will see the moon and the stras if it is a bright evening, so look and wonder and make a wish or two,

early sunset bathes the town in a golden glow

mezza luna

Carved pumpkins catch the light

Morning sun lights up a golden orchid

a cheerful pumpkin lights up a dark evening

Never get enough of watching the sun go down


  1. Great pics and very interesting post Angie 😃

  2. Oh yes, I so agree. Light is vital, especially at this time of year. I am very prone to SAD and miss the bright winter days of my beloved South Africa. Lovely photos, Angela!

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