Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Welcome Visitors

When my son was three we went for a whole year without seeing my parents. A year is a long time when you're three, a third of his life. It wasn't like it is now with Skype, cheap phone calls, facetime, he just had to rely on me talking about them to keep his interest and feel their love.
When eventually they came to see us having driven for two days my son was shy, holding back and unsure,holding back. My mum, his grandma smiled at him and spoke with her gentle voice, 'We've driven a long way to see you.' That was all it took for him to rush to her arms and give her a big squeeze. He knew that of someone had come on a journey to see him it must mean they care for him.
A dear friend of mine wrote me a text saying that friends are important and precious but they need nurturing. When you are already fond of someone all the technology available to us keeps the flame alive, because it can go out, be aware.

When visitors come to see you from afar it is surely a sign that they care for your company.
As you await their arrival you might give your house an extra thorough clean, get out your best plates, make something special keep your diary free for them. Then you might start worrying if they will like the food you've prepared, the bed that you've made for them, the other friends that you introduce them to. When they've gone you might feel a bit at a loss, feel melancholy, so you cheer yourself up by watching a funny film or going for a walk.
What will stay in your heart though will be their smiles, their laughter and the fact that they wanted to be with you so much that they made a journey all the way to see you.

Wishing you all a happy new year with friends that care.

Friends run together

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