Monday, 17 December 2018

Various thoughts

We were with a friend today who makes me feel safe, you can talk about anything, never having to measure words or weigh thoughts. You go away just feeling happy having been together and liked for exactly the way you are. It reminded me of a quote I like by Sir Thomas More.

A merry tale with a friend refresheth a man much, and without any harm lighteth his mind and amendeth his courage, so that it seemeth but well done to take such recreation. And St.Thomas saith that proper pleasant talking is a good virtue, serving to refresh the mind and make it quick and lusty to study again, where continual fatigation would make it dull and deadly.

After that lovely long chat, I do feel stimulated and refreshed.

I even made up a poem, here it is.

One day there will be happiness in the acceptance
Of the way things turned out.
The years of pain and sorrow
Will start to heal
Only happy memories will come to the surface
Little buoys bobbing
On the surface of the sea
Shining in the sunlight
Guiding us to safe waters.

On a lighter note, here is a joke that came into my head.
It was Bob-a-job week, and Johnny the boy scout went knocking on doors to see what he could do. One man said he could paint his porch and just to help himself to the paint that was in the garage.
After awhile, Johnny knocked on the door again and told the man he had finished. He said he'd used two coats of paint. The man paid him and praised him for being so quick.
As Johnny was walking away he called back, "By the way, it's not a Porch, it's a Ferrari."
Bob-a-job week, meant that boy scouts got paid a bob, or a shilling, which is 5 p for doing a job.
It might have been thinking about my Uncle Bob, because of the Scottish vote. He came from Ayrshire.
Italy is full of evergreen trees, so even in the depths of winter the parks are green. I miss the stark skyline caused by the deciduous trees, especially at sunset. Yet there is a great pleasure to be find in strolling through an olive grove on a sunny February day. The olive tree is a symbol of peace offering and friendships healed. 

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