Sunday, 21 January 2018

Why I want to write

When I was sixteen I took my O levels, now called GCSEs and then had to choose three subjects for A level.
 Up till then English had been my favourite subject, I loved reading and writing, I loved words, their meanings, their origins. I wanted to study English A level, along with History and Geography.
For some reason English didn't fit the timetable and I was advised to do French instead. After school I went on to Teachers Training, I couldn't do English though, not having the A level.
When I qualified as a teacher I came to Italy to marry, it was easy then to find a job teaching English as a Foreign Language.
 I have lived in Italy a long time now, I have a lovely big family that mean the world to me.

When my children left home I started writing them emails to keep in touch. I'd tell them funny episodes from my day, from my childhood. they enjoyed them so much that my daughter set me up on Blogger. I started writing my blog to please her and then found I couldn't stop. It all came pouring out, all in English. I found my way onto a Creative writing group. We all write just for pleasure, just for the joy of weaving words together to make a story.
I haven't got the skills though to be a writer. My English is poor.
I hope that by doing this course I will improve and get back in touch with the young girl who took the wrong A levels, the one that used to bounce home from school full of joy and enthusiasm and took great pleasure in words and phrases, poems and stories.


  1. Oh Angela, your writing is lovely! I so enjoy your blogs and you have a gift for expressing things beautifully. The wonderful thing about being a writer is that you aren't expected to be a brilliant editor too...there are other people to do that for you. Go ahead! Write! You already have the gift!

  2. Most famous writers didn't train as Literature students of any kind, I mean, Dickens was pasting labels on pots of boot blacking at 12 years old, Dostoeyevsk was packed off to study military engineering at 15, Kafka studied law and worked in an insurance company as a clerk... I think you're a very talented and witty writer, carry on I look forward to reading you!