Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Always Room for one more

My grandmother had six children and lots of grandchildren. I was almost the youngest. Sadly I wasn't very old when she passed on, only eight, but I remember her very well. I haven't got lots of tales to tell about her but I know she loved me a lot and I loved her.
Every school concert, ballet show, play or whatever, she was there. I saw a sea of faces and in the middle she was there, waving, her face glowing, no matter that I was the most useless and untalented on the stage, she gave me a standing ovation. For her, I was the star of the show. She and my mum, together, their faces alight, their hands clapping, their arms waving, for me.

My mum told me that every time a new grandchild was on the way my grandmother would say, 'There's always room for one more.' She meant that there was always enough love in her heart for another little baby.
This is one of the most magical, wonderful mysteries of all, how our hearts can expand endlessly.
Well I've got someone new to love. A very small bundle of joy. Brand new. He might be small but he has already filled our lives. All the love in the world is there for him.
I'll just tell you this too, he might be small but can do very impressive burbs.

Looking at this brand new baby I would like to have a magic wand, to protect him, to make him strong and healthy and bring happiness to all who meet him on his way through life.

The night he was born there was a beautiful moon, it was very hot, music was floating through the air from a nearby park.

It seemed perfect for a new little family.
My wish for you, May you be happy always, and may a cup of tea be able to make everything better

The evening you arrived, welcome little one


  1. Love it Angela. I hope my grand children will think of me kindly one day.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Sabina, I'm sure that your grandchildren adore you

  2. This post makes you cry...! Xxxx

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, special thoughts

  3. Congratulations! At the moment my only daughter is twenty and has no intention of making us grandparents yet. But it's something to look forward to someday! Love grows!

  4. Awh ... that' so sweet ... my heartfelt congratulations Angela. I don't have any kids myself but I had a gloriously lovely if relatively short (16) relationship with my Nana who I adored. Family is everything ...
    Enjoy you little darling bundle of loveliness. Before you know it, he'll be a grown man! :-)

  5. Congratulations !Yes there's always room in our hearts to love one more.