Monday, 17 April 2017

Wild About Flowers

My brother and I  used to have Eye-spy books. He had airplanes, minerals, butterflies, trains and cars, I had wild flowers and birds. We would clutch these books in our rather grubby hands and try to spot as many as we could as we roamed around the common, the countryside or the town where we lived.
My favourite book was the wild flowers and the joy they give has accompanied me through the years.
To look at wild flowers, in a hedgerow, in a wind swept field is an everlasting pleasure. Butterflies and bees think so too, there they are hovering and buzzing, busy keeping up the wonderful, everlasting thrill of tasks that Nature has given them to do.
Then there is the variety of leaves, all the different shapes, all the different shades of green.
Go on a nature walk today and feel at one with the activity going on around you.
What a wonderful shape for a leaf

Wild honeysuckle



Red Admiral butterfly on hawthorn

Wild strawberries

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  1. Do you have all of these in Italy too, Angela? I wish I could remember more of the names, but they have gone from my personal data bank now. Lovely flowers and natural plants. I used to be very keen on herbal remedies from hedgerow flowers when I was doing the hippy thing in my teens!

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