Thursday, 30 March 2017

Get a great attitude

My dad used to tell us a joke about having an attitude that was guaranteed to have us all rolling around in fits of giggles every single time.
It went like this in case you haven't heard it
One day a man was walking along the road when a gust of wind blew off his hat.
A dog ran out from a nearby house and ran off with the hat into the house
The man went and knocked on the door and it was opened by a man with a very cross face.
The man said in a very polite way , 'Your dog has got my hat.'
The dog's owner replied very rudely, 'I don't care if my dog's got your hat,' and slammed the door in the man's face.'
The man started to walk along the road again when he stopped and thought to himself, 'I didn't like that man's attitude'.
He went back and knocked on the door and when the dog's owner answered he said
'I don't like your attitude,'
The dog's owner spoke in a very cross way, 'It wasn't my hat he chewed, it was your hat he chewed.'
The constant retelling of this story taught three important things,
The joy to be had listening and laughing at a joke
The importance of a good attitude,
Not to knock on strangers' doors.
A great attitude in the morning will lead to a great day, so get yourself a happy, positive attitude and make it yours to keep.

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