Monday, 12 December 2016

Not only Santa Klaus looks good in red

The story goes that Santa Klaus originally wore a green outfit, then one day a company that sells a brown fizzy drink that is popular the whole world over decided he looked better in red. So who can imagine him wearing green now? Red is the most vibrant of colours bringing cheer during the winter days. There is definitely something about red that perks us all up. Red cars, red jumpers, red lipstick, red telephone boxes, red berries all make us feel happier, brighter, more enthusiastic. A well known airline decks its stewardesses in red hats and matching red lipstick which are guaranteed to make all heads swivel, so eye- catching  they are. Rudolph the reindeer has a red nose which makes him the ideal leader of the pack.
So here I am on the look out for red things today and feeling cheerful, hope you like them.

Here he is, the man in red delivering his presents

Red berries cheer up the winter hedgerows and are easy for the birds to see

Red for festive cheer

red is always a great colour choice for a sports car

red is surely the best colour for anything to do with love

red is the best colour for a phone box, easily spotted


  1. Ah yes, red!! What a cheerful colour it is to be sure. No wonder it is the colour if Christmas, Santa, holly berries and all that bright wrapping paper. Just designed to make us happy!

    1. Thank you Val for reading and commenting x

    2. Cool post! Red really has something about it that makes you think it's "the color" thanks for sharing!