Thursday, 20 October 2016

Rambling On

If this title was written by Bob Dylan it would  probably be 'Ramblin' on' . Just saying, cos he won the Nobel prize and all that. Anyway this is rambling post with random thoughts which we surely all have.
Driving along the motorway through a built up industrial area all at once the sky cleard to reveal a most magnificent sunset, blazing, golden, glorious. Reflecting on the contrast between the factories and the sky all sorts of philosophical thoughts started to swirl in my head. For some reason this verse by Emily Dickinson popped up

Who has not found the heaven below,
Will fail of it above:
For angels rent the house next our's
Wherever we remove.

Wherever we go we take ourselves with us, so it's our thoughts and are eyes that make what is around us appealing.
 We just have to wait a while and something nice will happen, look for the beauty around you every day, whether it is a person's smile or greeting or a lovely sunset.

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Angela! I like that idea...we take ourselves with us so we have to make our joy for ourselves too. Beautiful!

  2. Great photos and very inspiring post! Like the mention of Bob Dylan and the spelling of rambling or ramblin'! Isn't language complicated and full of subtleties and differences!