Monday, 16 May 2016

To Cry or not to Cry, that is the question

To cry or not to cry, that is the question, what do you think?

Anyone who has had anything to do with a baby knows that it is the only way they can communicate, they cry if they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, lonely or whatever and all that it takes to put things right is usually easily done, a feed, a nap, a cuddle, a change of nappy. Crying tells us something is the matter.
As we grow though and can express our needs we might still cry for different reasons.
We lose a favourite toy, a parent disappears, we are left alone too long, we hurt ourselves, we are told off and spoken to in a cross way, we cry for fear of losing something or someone's affection.
 Very soon though we learn not to cry, that it is distressing to those around us and we learn to control ourselves. It is not good to cry, we learn to be strong. We learn to control our emotions and we learn to hide our tears.

I read science fiction book once when the alien sees a human being crying and turns to his companion and says, 'look the human is leaking.' Well that is exactly what it feels like sometimes when you cry. You have become too full of emotions and you leak.

There you are with tears turning to rivers as you cry for all the people you have loved and lost, all the sad situations and desperation, all the hurt inside you, all the loss, all the pain, all the heartache.
A piece of music, a memory, the turn of a head or the way of walking that remind you of a loved one, a key word like 'home' or 'brother', a child, an article in a newspaper, a passage in a book that expresses exactly how you can feel, and off you go, leaking.

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