Sunday, 9 November 2014

Tao philosophy

A friend of mine gave us a bottle of the Italian liqueur Limoncello. She told us to think of her whenever we drank it, to send her happy thoughts. This friend thinks a lot about Philosophy. She said that there isn't enough harmony in the world, that it is all out of balance. She said the best way for us to redress this imbalance is to create happy memories of being together, smiling and laughing and enjoying each others company. We  saw a leaflet about a Tao Spa where you could go and have treatments to destress yourself and get some harmony in your life. Not everyone can have access to these treatments and so the next best thing is to start with smiling at the people in your life. Thousands of years ago the Chinese Tao philosopher Lao Tzu, put it this way:)

Manage the difficult while they are easy.
Manage the great while they are small.
All difficult things in the world start from the easy;
All great things in the world start from the small.
The tree that fills a man's arms arises from a tender shoot.
The nine- storeyed tower is raised from a heap of earth;
A thousand miles' journey begins from the spot under one's feet.

Here are some of my photos of the sun peeping through the clouds and reminds us that to see the glory of the sun we need the shade.

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