Thursday, 30 October 2014

Looking up at leaves

This Summer I went to a city that I'd never been to  before, renowned for its architecture. the friend that I was with told me to keep looking up. Her son is an architect and he told her to always look up to the tops of the buildings, that's where the interesting bits are. today in the park looking at the Autumn leaves on the ground I then cast my eye skywards and thought how what my friend said is true for trees too. Looking up at the tops of the trees silhouetted against the blue Autumn sky the leaves were telling there own story. Some had lost all their leaves and the sun was passing behind them playing hide and seek. There are still a lot of green leaves  clinging to the branches and stubbornly refusing to join the Autumn party.
Oh but it is lovely to feel the scrunch of the ones on the ground.
Here are my photos, hope you like them.

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